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Monday, June 11, 2012

PwC's lawyers knew beforehand what the Judge was going to raise in Chambers and came prepared with documents: How is this possible?

An application has been made to recuse the Judge in the ongoing PwC Malaysia Kuala Lumpur High Court trial. The application was made based upon comments made in the Judge's Chambers by the Judge, which were indicative of bias on the part of the Judge.

According to our PwC insider, the Judge is being asked to recuse himself on the basis of the comments made by the Judge in Chambers.

The other piece of news we received from our PwC insider is just as disturbing, if not more so.

When the parties are called into chambers by the Judge, both sides should be equally unaware of what the Judge wishes to bring into discussion. But the lawyers for PwC Malaysia actually went into the Judge's Chambers, fully prepared with the documents relating to what the Judge later raised.

This was done as if PwC Malaysia, the defendant's, lawyers already knew beforehand what the Judge was going to ask in Chambers! All of this is in the Plaintiffs' affidavit.

Faiz Azmi, how do the lawyers representing your firm, PwC Malaysia,  know what is going to be raised by the Judge in Chambers beforehand? Are you going to investigate this, or are you going to wait for us to do everything?
We, the Group of Six, know more about this from our PwC Insider, but we will only reveal the rest of the  information when absolutely needed. But we would like to raise the same question to Paul Boorman, PwC's Global Leader for Operation.

Paul Boorman, are you going to investigate how the lawyers for PwC Malaysia knew beforehand what the Judge was going to raise in Chambers, and actually came prepared with the documents before the question had even been raised?
 PwC Malaysia's trial will resume in August 2012.

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