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Friday, January 21, 2011

MICPA in an embarrassing situation with Johan Raslan as it's President

The Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants, MICPA, has a vision to be the premier business qualification in Malaysia, comparable to the best in the world. 

The MICPA has listed one if it's missions as, "to promote high standards of professional conduct and technical competence of members to safeguard public interest."

There is a 'small' challenge that the MICPA has to overcome in order to be seen as true to it's mission statement above. Dato' Johan Raslan, the Executive Chairman of PricewaterhouseCoopers in Malaysia, who has been questioned countless times here, is the current President for the MICPA.

Dato' Johan Raslan, the President of MICPA, a body that wishes to promote high standards of professional conduct ??
The principal objects of MICPA include:

  • To preserve at all times the professional independence of accountants in whatever capacities they may be serving.
  • To maintain high standards of practice and professional conduct by all its members.

How does the MICPA explain to its members, when it's President, Johan Raslan, maintains a continuous state of silence despite repeated calls to answer the allegations of fraud against him and his company, PricewaterhouseCoopers Malaysia?

How does the MICPA explain to its members, when it's President, Johan Raslan, uses the services of a 'tainted auditor', one that is not in the list of CPA firms under the MICPA,  to audit the books of a company called PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting Sdn Bhd (464379-U), in which the President, Johan Raslan, is not only a Director, but the majority shareholder as well?

How does the MICPA explain to its members, how it's President, Johan Raslan, who plays a very important role in the ongoing fraud perpetrated by him and other Senior Partners of PricewaterhouseCoopers Malaysia, is allowed to remain as President without any questions being asked of him by the MICPA itself?

How does the MICPA explain to its members, and to the students who are in it's programs, and to the members of the public, why it has as a President, one Johan Raslan, who does not even adhere to his own firms code of conduct, and in fact is in blatant violation of the same, a code grandly called the  PricewaterhouseCoopers Global Code of Conduct, available for view here?

How will the MICPA address the challenge, when it's President, Johan Raslan, does not even have the gumption to reply or deny to an open challenge as plain as this one?

Should not the MICPA have a President who maintains the highest standards of practice and professional conduct, or does the MICPA have totally different yardstick to measure what constitutes the highest standards of professional conduct, and finds absolutely nothing wrong with a President like Johan Raslan?


  1. You raise very worrying points for the Accounting fraternity. My main concern is - have the people concerned actually read your blog? Your blog is not well known and I only came across it through another blog. You need to raise your blog profile if you want the authorities/people in question to read it and respond.

    Just some advice

  2. I agree with the comment above/below dated 21Jan2011 - 0223 HRS.

    I browsed through your blog and sum up that you have some grudge against a certain firm.

    Here's my 2cents; maybe they kept quiet cuz those are just allegations and they have more important things to worry. Plus they do have legal advice from their legal team.

    Anyways if those allegations are proven to be true...what do you think will happen? Another AA? Whoa...

  3. You don't seem to get it - Johan Raslan doesn't have to answer to anybody! The rules and the law don't apply to the big wigs. Its meant to keep the small fry in place. It is a weapon created by the powerful - only to be used against those who threaten their power and position. Imagine - after all that has been revealed in this blog - have you seen even a fraction of any of this in the mainstream media?? They won't dare publish anything negative about or that can damage the likes of Johan, Tan Sri Zarinah etc. They are very powerful people. Not even the Prime Minister can take them on. <(edited by blog admin)> You are wasting your time with this blog. And trust me - this blog won't swing even 1 vote in favour of the opposition - nobody gives a shit about corporate governance or PwC. WE, the laymen, know that its all just slogans and banners to grab headlines and to make the citizens of the world THINK that these people who come up with this crap are clever and honest and actually care about the rest of us. Good luck in your attempt to expose them. But we all know - in Malaysia especially - nothing will come out of it. All these people will carry on living in their mansions, driving their Ferrari, going on expensive holidays etc. The rest of us will continue being screwed and having to slog and sweat blood and shed tears just to feed our families. Such is the world - get used to it!! P.S. A columnist in today's Star (22nd January 2011) is trying to find a way to discredit your blog. He is obviously on Chin's or someones payroll. But you can see the way the article is written - he doesn't really dare attack you head-on - because he has been told that everything you have said in the blog is true. So he has to try and come from some oblique angle. Futile attempt - but - well thats the caliber of people that we have in this country.
    By Anonymous on MICPA in an embarrassing situation with Johan Rasl... on 1/21/11