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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dear PM Najib, will you consider a suitably qualified Chinese or Indian Malaysian for the post of SC Chairman?

Dear Prime Minister Najib,

PM Najib has been briefed on the fraud involving PwC Consulting Sdn Bhd.

This article in today's StarBiz, states that Tan Sri Zarinah Anwar's term as the SC Chairman may be extended for one more year, until April 2012. "It is widely perceived that Zarinah had expressed her desire to step down when her term ends in March this year. However, the search for a suitable candidate for the top post at SC, according to a reliable source, had turned out to be more difficult than envisaged."

Tan Sri Zarinah has expressed her desire to step down.

If Tan Sri Zarinah wants to step down, why don't you pick a suitably qualified Chinese or Indian Malaysian as the next SC Chairman. To give preference to the Bumiputera is fine, but can that preference mean that we should not find a suitable candidate from amongst all Malaysians when the incumbent has already expressed the desire to step down?

"Sources said PricewaterhouseCoopers Malaysia executive chairman Datuk Johan Raslan was at one point considered for the top post at SC."

Johan was undone by Chin Kwai Fatt
We are a nation that is approaching it's 54th birthday in a few months. Isn't it time that we start considering all MALAYSIANS, when we need the best person possible for a job as vitally important to the nation's economy as that of the Securities Commission Chairman, especially when the other option is to have a Chairman who has already expressed the reluctance to continue?

Wouldn't this also be an opportunity to send a message to all your detractors out there that scoff at the 1Malaysia concept we all champion right now?

The world is continuing to undergo tumultuous changes, and isn't it time for us to place the well being of the nation's economy above all else? 

Perhaps there will be a few that will be up in arms if a non Bumi is picked as the SC Chairman, but wouldn't there be a far greater number that will be upset, both locally and abroad, that we are taking the chance during this critical period, to pressure our SC Chairman to remain for another year when she has already expressed the desire to step down, just because we cannot find the suitable Bumi candidate?

Can the country afford to take the risk of having reluctant leaders during a time of crisis? 

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