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Monday, April 4, 2011

KPMG's Mohamed Raslan's advice to his counterparts in PwC

Raslan adds that when wrongdoing is publicly known, that is the severest form of punishment for a professional.

“Most times, problems that crop up are not known to the public and we often do not know when auditors will 
 rather lose the business than do something illegal,” he says. ~ Up close and personal with Mohamed Raslan Abdul Rahman - StarBiz, Saturday April 2, 2011

KPMG's Mohamed Raslan, knows that his counterparts in PwC, Johan Raslan and Chin Kwai Fatt, have not answered the allegations against them.

What defines a professional? Can the actions of Chin Kwai Fatt and Johan Raslan be taken as those of true professionals? Can their continuing silence and refusal to answer the allegations against them be considered as an example to be emulated by aspiring auditors everywhere?

Johan Raslan's last tweet for months on his twitter page was Dads, which is defined as Dumb As Dog Shit in the Urban Dictionary. He has recently removed this tweet from his page, though the gap between December 11th 2010 and March 30th 2011, is there, yawning like a chasm, which no amount of fiddling can remove.
Since Johan and Chin Kwai Fatt's wrongdoings have become the 'hot topic' in the auditing fraternity, how do they manage to ignore all the snickering and snide looks that people will give them, naturally, whenever they show themselves in public nowadays?

How do they handle the 'burning questions, that their own staff and fellow senior partners in PwC throw at them?

How will they react the next time they meet a true professional like Mohamed Raslan of KPMG in the corridors of the auditing world? Will they hide behind the potted plants, or dash into the nearest closet, or just be brazenly shameless about the whole affair and act as if no one knows what they are doing, and have done?

 Chin Kwai Fatt, why did you sign a false declaration in 2008?

KPMG's Mohamed Raslan standards dictate that an auditor should walk away from a potential client rather than do anything illegal, but the standards (for want of a more suitable word) that Chin Kwai Fatt subscribes to is far less taxing on the soul and the conscience.

In Chin Kwai Fatt's books, even signing a false declaration is A-Okay, if it means more money in the pocket.

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