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Monday, April 18, 2011

Could Barisan Nasional lose the 13th GE on the back of weak Corporate Governance.

Just because Chin Kwai Fatt and Johan Raslan can 'gao tim' the Regulators, does not mean that they can 'gao tim' the Voters.

Dato' Seri Najib, why are Chin Kwai Fatt and Johan Raslan still getting deals from the GLC's when they have refused to answer the allegations of fraud against them?
In the recent Sarawak State Elections, it has become evident that not all voters can be swayed to vote for the BN, when they are unhappy with the way things are run. And when you consider the Chinese voters, nothing can  upset them more than when there are questions left unresolved in matters involving business and enterprise.

Malaysia's governing coalition won a key election in the Borneo state of Sarawak over the weekend, but it lost most of the ethnic Chinese vote. ~

The voters want a sense of fairness in Corporate Governance. This makes the field more transparent and allows better decisions when it comes to picking which horse to back. But when there is a sense that crooks are being allowed into important roles involving the large GLC's and Public Listed Companies, the voters who have billions riding on these institutions will get upset, and with reason as well.

Although Chin Kwai Fatt has not answered the fraud allegations, he is going around as if nothing is wrong.
Chin Kwai Fatt has shown that the 'right connections' allows him to get away with actions as serious as risking jail term by signing false declarations! He has been getting away with fraud for nearly a decade now, and the fact that he runs the largest auditing firm in the country, with impunity, makes us voters feel that even the 'private sector' has been compromised by values that are detrimental to good business.

“We have to stop the trend and resolve Chinese issues. The message is clear in urban constituencies – that voters are not giving their support,” he said, adding that SUPP first received that message when it lost six seats in the 2006 state election.~MCA's Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai

And Johan Raslan is an example of why voters are getting more and more upset with the Malay 'elite'. His position allows him the freedom to be free from any accountability at all. So we have to ask why there are separate rules for people like Chin Kwai Fatt and Johan Raslan, when the rest of us are punished for the slightest transgressions?

The Sime Darby debacle is a good example of how crooks like Johan Raslan and Chin Kwai Fatt are allowed to add risk to the positions we voters take in the development and growth of the country. Remember the fall in the share price in May 2010, after the losses in the Energy division came to light, that cost us voters who had money on Sime Darby about 4 billion Ringgit. So why are Chin Kwai Fatt and Johan Raslan allowed to get their fingers into even more pies, as days go by?

How many votes will Johan Raslan cost the BN, come the 13th General Election?
For a lot of us, we do not like to 'rock the boat'. But when our ability to go about our business without having to worry about fundamental things, like, whether we can trust the audited financial statements, for example, is affected by the unwillingness of the authorities to bring crooks to book, then don't blame us for not looking the other way any longer.

The Sarawak results have shown that for some of us, we are willing to take the risk with the "unknown", when the "known" no longer show the willingness to protect our money from the crooks. If we cannot do business in peace, then why should we throw our support blindly to anyone?

We can figure out ways to protect our wealth from street crime, but if the ruling parties do not do a thing about the crooks walking around in the corridors where we have our money invested, then we cannot keep quiet any longer.

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