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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

PwC Malaysia's Public Relations blunder

 uthaya kumar 

PwC Malaysia performs many important consulting jobs for PEMANDU, KHAZANAH, and many GLC's. Its clients include Sime Darby, Maxis, Axiata and it even plays a role in development projects like the Bintulu Port.

How could a senior partner in PwC Malaysia be so clueless as to bite the very hand that feeds his firm? What was VU Kumar attempting to show when he tweeted in a manner to not only poke fun at PM Najib and the Royal Malaysian Police, but also insult them?

VU Kumar and 'his bite the hand that feeds' him tweets.
VU Kumar is basically Chin Kwai Fatt's right hand man. How is Chin Kwai Fatt going to explain to Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon and Datuk Seri Idris Jala the next time he goes to them with his cap in hand hoping to win another cushy contract?

Along comes VU Kumar to give the 'dynamic duo' another headache...One can imagine that the wide grins are rarely seen nowadays
While everyone is entitled to their own opinion on what is happening in the political scene, for VU Kumar to put his thoughts in the public domain in a manner which can harm the future revenue of the firm that pays his salary, is an act that is simply gormless.

Or is PwC Malaysia's reading of the situation such that Chin Kwai Fatt and VU Kumar are hedging their bets, and hoping to look a little anti-establishment in case the other side comes into power?

Whatever the reasons for the tweets, whether planned or fatuous, the damage will reverberate through the corridors of PwC Malaysia for a while yet. Perhaps it is time for PEMANDU and KHAZANAH to start looking at the other players, who probably know better on how to get the job done and keep their big mouths shut at the same time. 


  1. All you know Pemandu agrees with him.

  2. government, government linked companies, government linked investment companies......plssssssssss do not engage with PwC who love making fun of our Prime Minister