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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

1 week ultimatum for PwC Malaysia to issue a public apology to Prime Minister Najib and the Royal Malaysian Police

 uthaya kumar 

PwC Malaysia's litany of misdeeds is a long one. But the latest episode, which was highlighted here and here, is not a mere infringement of the laws of the land, but something that hits closer to the heart of the nation than any else

While we have all come to expect that the standard response from PwC Malaysia on any and all allegations against them will be a media blackout of their activities, accompanied by a deafening silence; the latest case where we have seen a senior partner of the firm, Mr VU Kumar, shamelessly poke fun at PM Najib and the Malaysian Police via his widely followed tweets, is an act which PwC Malaysia should not be allowed to handle with the same method.

VU Kumar, it is said that the written word lives forever....and when it comes to tweets, did you know that the Library of Congress archives every public tweet since March of 2006....?

PwC Malaysia must come up with a public apology on the blatant disrespect they have shown to the Prime Minister and the Malaysian Police, via a clearly worded statement in the newspapers, within a week.

It is one thing for PwC Malaysia to think that they can ride roughshod over their creditors, the shareholders of their many corporate clients, the International standards of the auditing world, the Malaysian regulators, the laws of the land and many many more; but if PwC Malaysia think that they can get away with insulting Premier Najib, then it is time they meet their comeuppance.

YB Khairy Jamaluddin, who has walked the talk in support of PM Najib,  is not a happy man with PwC Malaysia 's  insolence.
YB Khairy Jamaluddin, who has walked the talk in support of Premier Najib, is reportedly very unhappy with the insolence shown in the tweets by PwC Malaysia's senior partner. The next meeting of the Jawatankuasa Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO Malaysia, will see the matter being brought up.

It is one thing for anti-establishment groups or individuals to poke fun at the leaders of the nation, but when the largest audit firm in the country, which claims a lion's share of consulting contracts from GLC's and whatnot, does the same, it feels like betrayal of the highest order.

And this brings us to ask a question of Dato' Sri Nazir Razak. Sir, why do you still support this bunch of miscreants at PwC Malaysia, when they can so openly insult your brother, the Prime Minister of the country?

Dato' Sri Nazir Razak, no one can blame you for  defending the honour of your brother.

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