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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We are not the first to question the SC and Tan Sri Zarinah

MP lashes out at Securities Commission. Konsensus Bebas Member of Parliament (Wangsa Maju) Wee Chooo Keong describes the SC's action as "trampling on principles of universal human rights". Read his SC out of control, out of order. I know YB Wee well enough to feel assured that this issue - especially the excessive powers of 

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The exchanges at Securities Commission interrogation yesterday became more nasty despite report of denial in The Star yesterday.Apa pasal The Star baik sangat ni ... boycott and black them outla.

In his posting "Power Corrupts Zarinah", Rocky Bru described the harrasment by SC below:

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Conflict of Interest. The SC's use of Section 134 of the Securities Commission Act 1993 to cow practising journalists has now brought focus on the SC itself, in particular its chairman Zarinah Anwar. 

Investigative corporate blogger A Voice, who helped expose skeletons and dig out dirt in Sime Darby, IJN, and Labu airport in recent times, has this time trained his 

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Folks, maybe with the exception of Bank Negara Malaysia, the management of the economy, the capital markets and their related regulatory authority are in some shambles. They certainly do not inspire confidence in the system.

The GLCs are best known as Government Losing Concerns - they lose and continue to lose so much money. Just today I heard that a bank GLC that was formed by an ikan bilis bank swallowing another ikan busuk bank is facing serious Non Performing Loans problems.

Yeap! Why is SC chairman Zarinah Anwar so powerful? What empowers her? And who gives her the rights to intimidate business reporters whose duty is to report facts and figures?

Updated, Wed 30/6/10 8am
The Star warns SC of legal action if ...
The SC's investigation officers are running amok. Yesterday, at the end of a 3-hour session with BK Sidhu, the Star journalist, the attending IO named Arif demanded that Sidhu surrender her notes to him. Sidhu had been taking notes of the Q & A, perhaps out of habit 

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As an approving authority under the Act of Parliament, the Securities Commission Act 1993 seems to provide SC with the power to get away with 'murder.' This blogger faced this experience in the the pursuit of the ECM Libra-Avenue Asset scandal.

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There are lots more.

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