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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Real Story How Audit Oversight Board Started and how PwC helps.

There was a dinner in the Chairman Tan Sri's house in Taman Bukit Pantai, Kuala Lumpur where the guest are the MD of PwC iaitu Mr Chin Kwai Fatt and satu lagi Executive Director for PwC Mr Manohar Benjamin Johnson.

This is the old e mail for Mr Manohar Benjamin Johnson

After dinner there is a plan and menurut plan Mr Manohar Benjamin Johnson becomes the No 2 at the Audit Oversight Board on the 1st of April.

This is from SC website.

SC need the expertise to run the Audit Oversight Board, jadi PwC menyediakan kepakaran tersebut untuk memudahkan roll-off for the AOB on the 1st of April.

Where in the world we can find the Director from the biggest Audit Firm become the no 2 of the Audit Oversight Board?

Bukan sekadar itu saja, the forms untuk application are only ready two weeks later iaitu dalam 14 of April. tapi the letter for the registration of PwC comes out on 1st of April under order of pihak atasan.

Architect for the formation of AOB ialah tidak lain tidak bukan the MD of PwC, Mr Chin Kwai Fatt and the 
kehadiran of Mr Manohar Benjamin Johnson di no 2 position on the AOB is one of the proof.

Of course when you are run the Audit Oversight Board, your registration is automatic process, bukan macam untuk other audit firms, right?

As we said, we have lots more info that we will share with all of you. 



  1. Well done .. lets get her and her corrupt husband.

  2. good work done for pointing out that, if you check the latest SC page on Management directory, MBJ name is not there but no one ever noticed the HEAD OF INSPECTION now and also since your 7 December 2010 post was Lim Fen Nee, who is err Ernst and Young Director!~! =)