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Monday, August 1, 2011

PwC Malaysia fail to meet Kuala Lumpur High Court deadline on directions for the exchange of witness statements.

On the 18th of July 2011, Kuala Lumpur High Court directed that parties exchange statements of their respective witnesses on or before 1st of August 2011.

Chin Kwai Fatt, Managing Director of PwC Malaysia
On 1st of August 2011, the defendants (PricewaterhouseCoopers Malaysia) were not ready with the statements of their witnesses.

Datuk Seri Johan Raslan, Chairman of PwC Malaysia
The defendants (PwC Malaysia) counsel, proposed for the trial dates to be utilised to only hear the plaintiff's witnesses and requested the High Court's permission to serve the statements of the defendants (PwC Malaysia) witnesses after the plaintiff's witnesses have completed their testimonies.

Khoo Chuan Keat, Senior Partner at PwC Malaysia
Plaintiff's counsel vehemently objected to this.

The defendants (PwC Malaysia) request was not granted by the High Court.

PwC Malaysia has been given till the 4th of August 2011, to produce the statements of their witnesses.

Lastly, the High Court ordered both parties to prepare supplementary witness statements at a later stage if necessary.

VU Kumar, Senior Partner at PwC Malaysia

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