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Sunday, August 7, 2011

PwC Malaysia's Senior Partner insults the Prime Minister and does not apologise

 uthaya kumar 

 uthaya kumar 

 uthaya kumar 

VU Kumar, "Ada ubi ada talas, ada budi ada balas"
PwC Malaysia was given a week to issue a public apology to the Prime Minister and the Royal Malaysian Police, for poking fun at them via the tweets shown above, and two weeks down the road, there has been nothing forthcoming from PwC Malaysia except silence.

PM Najib, should PwC Malaysia still be the biggest winners when it comes to government contracts related to consulting and audit jobs?
It does not matter if the page of tweets no longer exists, because what's done cannot be undone. And without a sincere apology from the culprits behind the tweets in PwC Malaysia, how can anyone accept that PwC Malaysia knows what the meaning of respect is.

If PwC Malaysia can insult their biggest client, the Government of Malaysia, imagine the contempt with which they view their lesser clients. Or is it simply a case of 'pride comes before a fall', or overconfidence in their own abilities and importance? That cannot be right, as we have seen in many instances, PwC Malaysia are not the pinnacle of auditing standards. Perhaps it is just the pride that comes with being the biggest audit firm that makes PwC Malaysia think that it can insult anyone at all and get away with it.

There is a proverb that is rather apt for PwC Malaysia, " jika kepalanya ular, takkan ekornya belut".  The question remains though, on what PEMANDU and Khazanah will do the next time the Senior Partners from PwC Malaysia come knocking on their doors for contracts and deals.

It is one thing to bully creditors and pull the wool over the eyes of the regulators, but to not even have the decency to apologise for insulting the Premier is definitely a new low for PwC Malaysia. This recalcitrancy, if it goes unpunished, will set a precedent which does not bode well for the country, as it can be taken as a sign of weakness.

The only way it can be worse is if PwC Malaysia continue winning cushy contracts from PEMANDU, Khazanah and the GLC's despite what they have done, and their unwillingness to apologise for the insults.

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