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Sunday, August 14, 2011

PwC tried to introduce illegally obtained and doctored phone records in the KL High Court this week: MAXIS violating MCMC regulations - Part 2

Coming soon : The Senior Maxis Executive who has betrayed the trust of Malaysians....

Page 2 of the documents we have recently received, courtesy of our PwC Insider. It shows Maxis staff exchanging e mails with the Directors of PwC Malaysia  and releasing confidential incoming phone records to them, an act that is illegal.

Page 1
"As requested here are the extracted CDR's for incoming calls for the period of ........." Is the hold that PwC Malaysia has over its client MAXIS, so strong that if they wanted to, they can even obtain the extracted CDR's for incoming calls for, lets say, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.... or Tan Sri Khalid Ramli, the Chairman of the MCMC?

We are seeing how Maxis employees have disclosed the call records of Malaysian phone users to the Directors of PwC Malaysia, who the last we checked, are not a part of the Royal Malaysian Police, without the consent of the users. And since they have discluded the 012 and International incoming calls from the illegally released records, they have then basically trampled over the rights of the clients of Telekom Malaysia, Digi, Celcom and whoever else they wished to. This is so much worse than just disclosing the records of their own 012 clients, if that alone is not bad enough.

Perhaps there are some loopholes they were hoping to use in their defence if they were ever caught, but to disclose the numbers of clients of the other telco's to a third party, probably means that Maxis shareholders will now have to think seriously about the ethical and legal implications of this unforgiveable act.

How does the Institute of Corporate Responsibility view the illegal disclosure of phone records to the Directors of your firm, Datuk Seri Johan Raslan?

This is a new chapter in the study of Auditor - Client relationships. Perhaps a chapter that will show shareholders everywhere, that more can happen behind the sanctity of this relationship than can be considered healthy.

What other records have PwC Malaysia obtained illegally from Maxis? The phone records of who calls their counterparts in Ernst & Young perhaps? Or who calls the GLC's when there are bids for lucrative consulting contracts? Perhaps they can even tell us, through their connections with Maxis employees, who will win the first major contract for the MRT project.

The MCMC, the management of Maxis and its shareholders, the legal departments of Telekom Malaysia, Celcom and DIGI, the various watchdogs and the Malaysian People, will do well to take heed of what is happening between PwC Malaysia and their informers from Maxis. 

It seems our privacy can be breached with something as simple as an e mail, when PwC Malaysia is involved. 

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